pen" to execute a detailed analysis, the "point" is the fixed Ch

Look off to "Capital Financing Conference dotting pen" as the theme, the "capital" is about the financing of information release, look off look off the founder Fake Ray Ban Sale
and CEO with the officially announced A round connected with financing has been successfully concluded, the investor is Kai Fu capital. Look away from A round of auto financing is completed, marking the looks off has become a $2 one hundred dollars million company, which will help improve the Wholesale Ray Bans Sunglasses upgrading of party products and market expansion, whilst the O2O process will showcase the glasses fitting.
Income is a normal production in addition to operation of the enterprise surgery required for the "blood" in addition to "lubricant", therefore , in the process of enterprise production activities always need capital and liquidity, corporate financing can expand enterprise, reorganization Cheap Ray Ban Glasses of the enterprises, adjust the production structure, to solve the financial condition, obtain leverage.
Look off said, as an emerging entrepreneurial business glasses enterprises, from the end of 2013 to now, just one year to become the leading base for O2O glasses, sunglasses and capital by lots of peer attention, only using more than a year time to complete the earliest round of financing.
Glimpse off the founder and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of the groom said option traders saw that look out of unique entrepreneurial ideas plus innovative O2O Wholesale Ray Ban UK lens progression model, will generously proper capital, to look off to do a very good brand off the prologue.
Future capital utilize
According to relevant sources, the client has more than 20 years associated with experience in the factory provide chain and international style team, which allows customers to get the ability to provide consumers with high quality, stylish and inexpensive glasses. Furthermore, the customer on the highway in the brand concept and the current fire is very close to the slim entrepreneurial projects, are the primary to launch a market trial offer prototype, and then slowly reported by market feedback data promptly to update iteration.
The earliest 2015 Chinese smart sunglasses fashion festival, Wang Ke founder and CEO groom themselves at the scene details of Your round of financing investment capital is Ray Bans Cheap used for what purposes, the roll-out of enterprises in short, hope is usually a guest with a large facts center business system, whatever target has become a model for development of the glasses industry O2O.
It is reported that appear off in the near future will still launch B round, D round and D circular a series of financing plan, and on behalf of Mr. Zeng Kai Fu capital swap site for each other along with deep desire and wish and hope to create a far better future customers.
Future improvement
Look off the founder and also CEO Ray Ban On Sale of groom at the same time share outlook strategic production plan and the presence for guest guests, he were standing in an industry perspective just for O2O glasses optometry, drinking glasses and other industry pain areas, and to show the complex approach to traditional glasses production, absorbing to the fitting of internet connection and leads to a very high associated with glasses, big data the very commercial test system with which leads to look off, seem off to eliminate these sophisticated processes, remodeling the supply string, direct supply by company and provide a pair of glasses good quality and inexpensive products for the customer, at the same time also look down in efforts to build a devotee value growth system, request better volunteers fans, fitters and fashion brands to sign up look off.
The click conference, Wang Ke originator and CEO groom around the "three point information in the other dotting pen" to execute a detailed analysis, the "point" is the fixed Cheap Ray Bans
optometry services, mobile home handheld optometry service of phoropter and also mysterious mystery See Oughout automatic optometry machine is made for eye service; site would mean in the field of O2O, will look out into a shop to subvert the industry, to provide services just for users whenever and whenever we can. "Eye" that is not only to promote more than glasses, but also for the very eyes of the user's pre-existing problems, to provide medical company level. The "pen" will be Audi instant plan and even site plan (joint substation director), central processing and even assembly center plan, BEGU online virtual try on application four plan, focus on way optometrist and the webmaster belonging to the image, will become the next serious customer development plan for.

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