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Lately, central city Industrial as well as Commercial Bureau organized causes to the Jingan District Shanghai new railway station: eyeglasses market, Kai Tai eyeglasses market, sun glasses town, International glasses city, Huangpu District Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street trefoil glasses marketplace, 50 batches of eyewear Pudong New Area Yaohan clover glasses city half a dozen glasses professional market 33 shop sales of excellent inspection and check the current market. After testing, there are around eight batches of unqualified, not qualified detection rate of 16%. The unqualified items are for the most part visible light transmittance, light-weight transmittance relative deviation plus sign.
First, the observable light transmittance is not professional, there are 3 batches. Selecting found substandard items are never standard or wrong eyewear category. Visible light transmittance is the transmission of light, is often divided into 4 categories. Noticeable light transmittance detection would be to determine the type of sunglasses. Various categories, sunglasses use various. If you use Cheap Ray Bans
a light sunglasses glasses, the wearer can not get the sun impact. Because consumers can not determine the sunglasses with the nude eye category, so producers should be marked sunglasses group.
Two is the relative deviation of light transmittance, there are three batches. Sampling found, Kai Tai glasses wholesale marketplace of Shanghai Zhabei Region extraordinary nominal glasses look sales by the Jiaojiang Centre of Taizhou city liangzai optical glasses factory output (or supply) "you with the stars" brand sunglasses (specification: polarized /29921375; production time frame or lot number: never marked), light transmittance can be measured relative deviation 36. 7% (standard should be fewer than or equal to 15%). The exact relative deviation of light transmittance is the deviation between the light-weight transmittance of the lens. The exact index is not qualified, as soon as consumers wear sunglasses, the exact left and right face on the sun blocking a greater difference, easy to cause graphic fatigue, feeling unwell.
About three is a sign, there are a couple of batches. Substandard goods are generally not marked Sunglasses category or perhaps wrong standard. Mark unqualified, directly affect consumers to buy Sun glasses, but also affect the correct usage of consumers.
According to the sampling effects, the business sector has bought the relevant operators to right away stop selling substandard items, a comprehensive clean-up inventory of products, in the sale of products, monitor the publicity of low quality goods operators in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to take measures to the legitimate interests of customers, and according to the investigation to the operators of substandard commodities sales.
Meanwhile, the business community to remind consumers during the buy, the use of sunglasses should observe the following points:
First, when one buys Sunglasses, you should ask for appearance and tag, to avoid high-quality problems, the burden of substantiation, and on the invoice essential to indicate the brand, category and even model.
Two, currently available to buy there are two major styles of sunglasses, one is the sun copy, the sun can play a role, to relieve eye fatigue caused by substantial regulation, or by lumination stimulation caused by injury; the other one is a light colored sun glasses, mainly play a decorative function, when the sun not solid, can also use the. However , long lasting wear will lead to attention fatigue, if consumers incorrectly put this kind of glasses if the sun visor to use, not merely can not play the effect regarding shading, but also damage the particular eyes.

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